• Hariesh

Benefits of Attending the Conference

  1. Gain Knowledge on the most revolutionizing field of the century!

  2. Know the latest trends and discover new ways to simplify project design.

  3. Learn the shortcuts to discover new ways to code with ease for complex issues.

  4. Gain confidence in Everyday Practice with insights learnt from the event.

  5. Become a Better Data Scientist and Find your Next big opportunity!

  6. Wonderful networking opportunities and meet sessions to increase visibility among the delegates attending the event and find new perspectives in the realm.

  7. Gain multidisciplinary collaborations and find applications done by others to suit your field

  8. Know the tools, updates, changes and use cases for the latest packages in the field

  9. Gain real world exposure in the field of Data Science and learn the approaches at different MNC's.

  10. Get the chance to meet the revolutionary researchers and intuitive speakers in the field of Data Science.

  11. Whats more? Register to attend the event now!


The Data Congress

10-A, Second Main Road,

Porur Gardens Phase-2,

Vanagaram, Chennai-95