Our Goal:

There are a lot of people providing a lot of buzz and doing a lot of stuff!

We admire them!

We don't stop there! We help you acquire more relevant data, understand it in a way like never before with our thought-provoking team and provide insights to drastically develop the business of our clients!

Do you Want a change over, Do you Want to find yourself again, We can help!

We are here to make you the next big thing! 

Our Team

We are a 21 member team now, every one of them is unique adding more blend to our company.


We are the craziness, we are the fun, we have a lot more in common than a simple corporate den!


Everyone of us, handle our clients in the best way possible, Every project would be our child!

We cherish making our clients happy by work better than words! 

Fields of Expertise:

  • Neuro Politics

  • Computer Vision based Real time Analytics

  • Internet of Things

  • Real Time Data Mining, Data Wrangling and Visualization

  • Augmented Reality Design

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Neuro marketing

  • Client Satisfaction

Total Number of Projects till date: 12

Client Satisfaction: 100%

Whats More?

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For Amazing 

Careers With Us!

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Our Technology:

Our Technology is Unique! We are a bunch of Biomedical Engineers, Software Professionals, Data Scientists, and Physicians who have created a way to understand what goes inside the brain and what paves the way for reaching your goals!

Data Mining done through our Neuro Signal monitors help you decide what goes inside the brain that makes your customer make the decision.

Client Privacy:

We Understand and respect the decisions of Anonymity of our clients! We understand your need to need to be and we help you to be! We assure to never market ourselves with client data or addressing unless you want us too!

We understand your needs ad we are happy to satisfy them!

The Data Congress

10-A, Second Main Road,

Porur Gardens Phase-2,

Vanagaram, Chennai-95